Look 279: Flag Shorts

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Look 279

Flag Shorts

Hearts tank top, Express. Flag shorts and necklace, PINKaholic. Leather jacket, Clothes for the Goddess. Bandage wedges, Love Jen.


Flag shorts make another reappearance. Stars and stripes galore! :mrgreen:

I’m not quite comfy with the look. It feels overloaded and busy-busyhan. Maybe because of the jacket’s flap or the necklace, I can’t seem to pinpoint. The jacket itself feels stiff. I expected it to be soft and squishy. Errr, might achieve that desired texture after repeated laundry washes. 

I do think they have some resemblance with the last look (Look 242) where I’ve worn the same shorts and coincidentally, the necklace too. What do you think? 😕

I kinda like my hair messed up. This was the time when I didn’t wash my hair because it was freshly dyed the night before. Lol!

Thankful I didn’t opt for the slingback wedges. Otherwise, it would’ve looked exactly the same with my Look 242. Ooopsie.. Haha!


How did your day go? As for me, I stayed at boyf’s place the whole day. No rest Mondays because we’ll be leaving on Wednesday. That means, leaving a lot of stuff on idle mode too. Had to settle everything so the boss won’t freak out. Heeee! :mrgreen:

I’m panicking on the thought of leaving. My most hated part would be packing up. Yep! We all do right? Taking Camille Co’s advice by heart: Pack less, shop more. But how? I don’t even know what to bring in the first place. Lol! I have a strategy in mind though, and that is to pack per outfit. Thinking that this will be the “better” option than packing all the clothes then mix and match later. Heck, I’m guilty of doing that. Boooo!


Stay wicked!