Look 28: Recycle!

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Look 28.


My stars and skulls hoodie.  😈

If you’re wondering why is that then I’ll tell you. It is quite a long story but to make it rather short, these are the photos where Charcoal Monkey and I’s photo adventures (and love story too) began. June 26, 2010 was the day that started it all. We weren’t really friends nor were we close that time. But despite the awkward feeling during the shoot, it came by very smoothly.

Just this moment, we had dinner at the same fastfood joint we went to after this shoot. And the syndrome of wanting to sleep after dinner strikes again!

Random thought, we’re starting to get a feeling that we are trapped in this corrupt city we are in. Intermittent brownouts, uncalled for daily showers/rain, muddy and damp uncemented streets, modern day heroes turned extortionists, I could go on and on with the whatabouts of Butuan City. When will the people here ever notice that we are heading for the downward spiral?