Look 280: Sepia-Toned

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Look 280


Polka dots chiffon top, PINKaholic. Brown faux leather shorts, WAGW. Animal print wooden wedges, Asianvogue. 


Look 280 for the win! It seriously hypes me up whenever I reach a number of tens. All because I’d like to think I’m another step closer to the end point of 365. Still a long way though but I’m getting there. 

What’s for today? Another mix of previously worn outfit from two different looks. I have a vague memory of what number it is. Basta! Haha! :mrgreen:

This is what I’m really wearing today sans the wedges of course. They’re too wobbly I couldn’t even get myself to wear them even if the road is paved with asphalt and the like.

With my hoarding behavior untamed, I could only hope polka dots would stay a little longer in the scene. That way I get to enjoy wearing them again and again. What do you think?

There’s a tie/knot “feature” with my top. All these extra extra details I find cute!

Half of the photo dump looks like these. And it ain’t nice to see right? Soooo tempted to chop my hair off but I can’t! 😡 Not now though. There are times wherein I spend heaps amount of time checking all of them. It’s part AND the start of post-processing. It’s crucial you know! Heeeee!

First time to use the 24-70 lens we just swapped with a friend. I couldn’t see any difference as compared with the 70-200 lens we always use except for the physical fact that it’s shorter. It’s boyf’s dream lens, I wish I could appreciate it as much. His POV is sometimes……well, different (in a good way). 

Leaving early tonight to catch up with Steph, maybe start packing up afterwards, and if I’m graced with time, polish my nails. Polished nails –> must not forget! 😕


Stay wicked!