Look 281: I’m Leaving

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Look 281

I’m Leaving

Animal print top and crochet shorts, PINKaholic. Floral wedges, Love Jen.


Prints and textures got married the moment I wore this outfit. Animal print + crochet + florals = IDK! what was I thinking?!!! 🙄

This is what I wore to Sean’s 4th birthday. That time I was wearing flats. Duh! I don’t need to explain don’t I? Lol!

 Keeping this post short and quick! I’ll leave you all with some photos instead. 😉

I don’t know what I was smiling about. Only thing I can remember is that it’s starting to rain and I’m posing, moving around as the camera shutters went loco. Haha! :mrgreen:

Another photo. Seriously? Swear I don’t know what I was doing! 🙄

This is Amber. Heeeee! I know you know her too well by now as she’s always in my photos. She goes near me right before I put on my shoesies. Awwww… Pretty little thing!

I had to reach down and pet her so that she won’t jump at me. Yes, she’s papansin like that! Lol! 😆


If you’re reading this, then I’m probably on my way to Cebu by now. Thank goodness for scheduled posts! Taking a break from all things work and boredom, I’ll enjoy every bit the place of Sugbu has to offer. Gotta goes dearies!

Stay wicked!