Look 282: Sheer Metal

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Look 282

Sheer Metal

Metallic top and animal print shorts, PINKaholic. Shoes, Asianvogue. 


Hello wicked people! 😈

I’m back! Arrived safely in Cebu now and yes, still doing my blogging duties despite the lack of stable internet connection and the lack of time to post process the photos. 

So here’s for today’s look. Metallic top and animal print shorts. I’m pretty amused pairing it together and I’m guilty of doing it over and over again. Lol!

I know you understand if I keep this post (and future posts) short and quick! My legs are aching for wearing my wedges and as I expected, there’s a mall-wide sale going on. Quite overwhelmed with everything myself but it’s okay, I got by. Haha!

Stay wicked!