Look 283: Abstract

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Look 283


Dress, from Steph. Gray pumps and accessories, Forever 21.


Seriously, I find this dress cute! When feeling lazy, I put on a dress. Never really had the chance to wear all these stuff out but at least I have them! Heee! It has a cute little heart cutout at the back but I dint bother show it. You’ll only see the brassiere part and not appreciate the cutout itself. Lol!

Outtakes? Okay I got some! 😉

I love this street! We have to walk a few meters from our house just so we could take a slice of this cemented part of the road.

Wish I could show you what I’m really wearing here but that’ll have  to wait! I got a lot to do once I hit home!

Pinatikai 2012 is the event of the day! Boyf will participate and he’ll have his leg inked. I guess I’ll wander around like I used to way back in Davao Tattoo Convention. Teehee! :mrgreen:

Stay wicked!