Look 286: Denim x Leather

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Look 286: Denim x Leather

Basic tank top, Mango. Denim cover up, thrifted. Leather shorts, PINKaholic SDY. Spines boots, HeelandSole.


Just another look. I don’t know if it did look okay but I’m thinking maybe it’s fine. I just want to wear the boots so bad that I couldn’t even find something edgy to make it work. Heeee! :mrgreen:

Keeping this post short and quick! 

I love my leather shorts. Using it time and time again. Now, good thing I got myself a new pair of leather pants.. Yay!



I had the ultimate Sinulog experience yesterday. I can’t believe how crowded the streets are. There’s also this heavy traffic to accompany the  people walking. Thank goodness we got ourselves the motorcycle, we just saved our ass off from endless walking marathon.

Less busy today, boyf and I are heading out. Now he’s getting his arm inked again. I’mma go with him! Lol


Stay wicked!