Look 288: I Think I’m Paranoid

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Look 288

I Think I’m Paranoid

Basic tank top, Express. Blue blazer, H&M. Star-printed shorts, PINKaholic. Accessories and gray pumps, Forever 21.


Prolly the only look where I’ve incorporated multiple brands into one. I barely buy at various shops because I tend to stick to the ones where I had an easy to deal with sellers and hassle-free transactions. Plus, I got no Multiply account. It sucks that I don’t have one considering I’ve tagged myself as a social media junkie. Lol! :mrgreen:


I still can’t get over matching stripes and stars. This time, I’m not talking about the flag, it’s something different. Heeeee!

Wearing the blue tweed-ish H&M blazer that I thrifted late last year. It’s a size 32 which fits just right for my body frame. As much as I wanted to wear this one on regular days, the fabric is too thick and so is the lining underneath. Not a good idea! 🙄

Fix, fix, fix.

The first photo of the set —> Me, rolling up my sleeves and basically fixing myself up.


The week-long hiatus is over. I’m now back at my office desk, it isn’t that bad really. Quite surprised that I’m “happy” to be at the comfort of our own home. Having a lot of tasks at hand including showing you my latest buys. Hope you’ll dig them as much as I do. Unfortunately, no new shoesies for me despite the big “____% off” signs here and there… Sad right? Didn’t find a perfect pair that screams “Buy Me!”. 😥

Before I forget, never mind the title. Paranoia is something that I deal with every time I get bitten by the fangs of jealousy. It’s irrational I admit, but I don’t know. Part of it is funny, the other is irritating or annoying. Think of it as a song from the band Garbage. Isn’t Shirley Manson friggin’ cool??? 😈


Stay wicked!