Look 289: I’m a Happy Hippie

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Look 289

I’m a Happy Hippie

Basic tank and gold skinny belt, Forever 21. Wide leg pants, PINKaholic. Headband, DIY.


I know I look crazy….literally! Teehee! :mrgreen:

Some of you might think I’m an albularyo (quack doctor) or maybe Sisa because of my head accessory. Haha! There’s something about headbands that makes me want to wear them every so often. It tends to hide my “wide” forehead.

Anyway, here’s for today’s look:

I like this old house here in our street. Why? Because everything’s black including the gate, door and yeah, everything! Lol

This look is inspired by Kryz Uy which she blogged about here. We have the same pants!

The hippie hair and the hippie headband. Imagine what a string of cloth can do with your whole look. Uh-mazing! This is my “creative” DIY thingy which translates to —> I’M NOT FRIGGIN’ CREATIVE NOR ARTSY!!! 😆

Amber’s present again in 5 or 6 photos and I’m like “Hey!!”

(Hello there purple bear!)

NOTD or Nails of the Day. Showing you now before the edges chip! 

Heading out with boyf tonight. Another gig! Late night meet up with Steph too. I’mma drink and munch and drink again! Tomorrow’s going to be hangover day. Heeee! 

Haven’t figured out what to wear yet… Gotta rush! 


Stay wicked!