Look 290: Pink Animal

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Look 290

Pink Animal

Animal print mesh top, necklace, and hot pink shorts, PINKaholic. Gold heels, Asianvogue. 


Honing my skills on wearing something that’s got a solid color. Uh huh!

Hot pink shorts? Oh yes definitely! Overly obsessed with it at the moment not only because of its cutesy eye-catching color but also because of its stretchy jersey cloth. I dint even know what a jersey fabric feels like but whatev, it’s what Te Sheila of PINKaholic told me. Lol! 😆

Another one of my favorite animal print tops too. I’ve worn them before. Why? Because the mesh + round neck collar is too classy. Aaaand, it’s sheer! Gotta love the sheer dearies! 

Front details just to show you a li’l but of sumfin’ sumfin’… Teehee! :mrgreen:

Facing my left side. It’s my “angle”. You could barely see me posing on this side, see sample arrow: <—–

Smile more often? Maybe!


Amber’s absent. A somewhat territorial dog (because it never left) from the looks of it.


Featured on Style Bible’s blogger challenge! It’s all about how to wear metallic tops. See the article here, and my interview here. Yeeey! 😉


Stay wicked!