Look 291: Purp-Blooded

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Look 291


Basic top and gold skinny belt, Forever 21. Shorts, from Steph. Gray vest, WAGW. Harness boots, HeelandSole.


Yes, you know very well I’m a sucker for purple right? I’m a purp-blooded mammal. Lol! 😆

So I guess I never really got over the highwaist trend, I actually pictured myself “needing” more. Be it denim or soft fabric, I find it versatile and comfy to wear. I don’t know.  🙄

Here’s the story behind the purp shorts, I literally squeaked with excitement when Steph handed me the bag with a tube of Mint Julep (face masque) and purple shorts inside. Thank youuuuuuu tey! It dint fit her because it was quite wide on the hips (friggin’ true!). Since I’m “hippy” in that area, it did fit me fortunately. Haha! 😆

A change of place can be a relief, although I had to struggle through people staring, random comments from people, and the likes. I got used to that. Who wouldn’t be after 290+ looks right? Right?? 

These are just the number of photos I saved. I deemed they are the only ones who passed through an assortment of outtakes. Others have passersby, vehicles, anything distracting!

Lemme know what you think about the shorts.. 😉

A test photo before heading outside. Diggin’ the lighting. Effect-effect lang! 😉


Anyhoooo, me got sick today! Fever + colds + UTI = I’m doomed! 

Been suffering recurrent UTI since I was in my kindergarten years. I don’t know what causes it but I noticed a trend that when I eat too much salty food (junk food to be exact) and cola, it’ll be triggered. Might be due to my forgetfulness to drink water. Water and I aren’t really friends. I could last all day without even drinking a glass of it. Haha! Back to the story, painful urination made me wake up at 4:30AM. Never went back to sleep because of the pain and discomfort I’m feeling. Imagine constantly having the urge to urinate but nothing comes out. Enough about that, I got carried away spilling all the details. Lol!

With that happened, I dragged myself to work today. Keep thinking about my blog, I couldn’t risk not posting an LOTD. Even sickness can’t be an excuse. I’mma finish you 365!!!!!


Stay wicked!