Look 292: Aqua Metallic Pants

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Look 292

Aqua Metallic Pants

Black drape sheer top, PINKaholic. Aqua metallic pants, necklace, and purple skinny belt, Forever 21. Chunky heels, Asianvogue.


Metallics are the bomb! So why not stuff your closet this (Chinese?) new year with all these shining, shimmering pieces? :mrgreen:

Maybe I got tempted way too much when I was at F21 in Cebu. I didn’t notice all I grabbed was metallic everything until I was in the fitting room. 

Back to the look, this was my outfit last Thursday when I went out with boyf for his gig. I wanted something comfy and laidback so I resorted to wearing pants. Shorts has been my “uniform” wherever I go so maybe it’s time for a change. Haha! Now I got a few more pants that fit me. Yay for that. From 2 good old pairs, I added another 3 new. Will show you soon. Teehee!

Anyhooo, I got a bit frustrated while I was in the midst of post-processing the photos. All we’re overexposed. For some reasons, they’re too bright. They looked okay when viewed in the camera though. Oh well! 🙄

Me —> shining! 

Surroundings? DIM!

Decreased the exposure to almost -1 and it makes me sad. The photos didn’t do justice to the pants. It’s not metallic enough in here right? Swear they look way better in actual.

See? Nevermind the blank face. Notice the pants! Haha!

And here’s another one. The top is too cute with all the drapery effect I felt obliged to show it to you! Heee!


How’d your day go? 

Went on grocery shopping with Charcoal Monkey this afternoon to buy food for the doggies. All pet shops were closed so we’re forced to go to the “mall” here in Butuan. And oh, we ate siomai and pizza too! Laveeeet! 😆

Stay wicked!