Look 298: Teal

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Look 298



Another one of my metallic tops. It’s cropped and sleeveless, different from my usual oversized sweaters. This also comes in pink, blue, and gold. Chose this green one among the others. An almost perfect shade of teal. Almost. One of the times that I hate because I can’t get them all. Uggghhh!! 😡

I rarely see this road dry and dirt-y. The weather makes me want to disappear and just show up in any part of the world that’s sunny. The rain. I don’t want to start ranting. It affects me and my mood so much.

We actually transferred different spots here and there. Light isn’t cooperating and there are construction workers plus vehicles blocking the BG. I never fail to come across circumstances like that everytime we go shoot a few looks. Sad I know. 😥

Here’s the close-up for the accessories. The gold bangle seems out of place. I might have forgotten to remove them during my outfit changes. 🙄

Lazy outfit? Yes. It is this time that I get discouraged when everything doesn’t seem well. My Chictopia is behind with a few looks, totally forgot about Enstyle, and most especially, my Lookbook is getting stale. I might start over again with a new profile once my project has ended. I’m pretty sure on that one now. Can’t wait to get this thing over with. Seriously.


Posting way late than my 9PM publish time. Staring at the lappy for hours already with less words and a blank mind. A case of another hangover? I don’t know. Could be. One thing is certain, this isn’t my happy state. Maybe shoes spotting (no buying) can help. Will do that now, gotta go!!


Stay wicked!