Look 299: Not Even Close

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Look 299

Not Even Close

Basic tank top and necklace, Forever 21. Mustard skirt and leopard blazer, PINKaholic. Wooden clogs, LoveYourFeetHeels.


What? It’s Look 299 already? Tomorrow’s the big 3-0-0! Woohoo!!!

I’ll be done in around 2 months or so right? Yaaaay! That’s a long shot and I’m not even close (excuse the title segue). 🙄

Back to today’s look, I’m wearing this skort again because it’s too cute to be worn once. Lol! And two, it’d look so perfect with this XS blazer from PINKaholic too. It occured to me that I need more blazers. We all do! I should’ve preferred them over collecting tons of tank tops. Tank tops can be worn over and over again since it’s plain and basic. Blazers on the other hand, gives your look an instant fix. However, tank tops are wearable in an everyday setting compared to the latter. Errr, it’s confusing now! End of topic… Haha! :mrgreen:

Hooray for padded blazers. Broad shoulders galore!

(I should’ve cut off those skirt’s loose threads! Seen em? Lemme borrow a pair of scissors pretty please!) 

I love it when the sun shines soooo bright it gives off that flare effect. No Photoshop effects needed, just some enhancements here and there.

I know you might’ve missed this lady, so here’s Amber showing up for the nth time. Teehee! 😉


I’ve survived one month without any new shoe purchases. I can’t friggin’ believe it! Now I’m itching, dying to have a new pair. Nothing beats the happiness and the smell of new shoes! Shoe addicts can relate I’m sure of that. Haha!


Good vibes everyone!

Stay wicked!