Look 30: Connect the Dots

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Look 30

Connect the Dots.

Cinched dotted tunic-ish blouse. Black tights. Black ankle booties.

As simple as that, then you have Look 30.

The weather needs to be a little friendlier soon. How I miss those sunny afternoon photos. 😥  Another frustrating news is that, my registration for freebies to Romwe was turned down due to full accounts already. I removed their ad on my site’s homepage. It did well for a few hours lingering with the other ads.

Tabularasa. I am honestly on a blank mode today. Just woke up from my cat nap. Ever had a feeling when you’re thinking of a helluva random things yet you’re mind is empty at the same time? Well, that is how I feel today.

I’ve felt a pang of boredom intoxicating through my system. This city makes me sick. The weather, a common object of my cussing appears to have gotten used to it. Or maybe I am used to the weather?

The sight of this wedges ease out what I am feeling. I so badly want them. The floral Swansong and Mariel wedges. Should I purchase one?  😈