Look 300: Got No Time

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Look 300

Got No Time

Basic tank top and accesories, Forever 21. Frou frou skirt, PINKaholic. Lace vest, made by me. Patent peeptoes, SM Parisian.


300th look!!!

Can’t stop grinning! I’m almost there, 65  days to go. That’s approximately 2 months from now right? Teehee! :mrgreen:

I know frou frou skirts are sooo last season but I think they’re cute! Laveeet! I feel like a swan with what I’m wearing here. I paired it with the lace vest I (sort of) sketched, bought the perfect lace fabric and leave everything out to the seamstress. That was way back in college when we used to have Nursing night. I don’t want to risk bumping into someone who’s wearing the same dress as mine, therefore I have to innovate (if that’s the right term). 😕

 Oh look! Something different from my redundant poses. Lol! 😛

Proportions + textures

Now here’s the thing, you might be wondering about my title Got No Time. Story goes like this,  I sort of cried myself to sleep last night. Maybe weird things cross your mind in the wee hours of the morning eh?! When stream of thoughts go random, it goes berserk. I thought about having not enough time and how it affects relationships. I felt neglected, forgotten in a way because everyone’s too busy doing their thing they forgot I’m still here…existing. I miss the old times. OA lang! Sorry for the strikethroughs. Hope you weren’t able to read the drama part. Haha!


Emote-emote aside, will go out with friends again tonight. Trying out the new resto in town called Lahaina. It’s a quirky little place with a Hawaiian theme. I still have to try the food though. 😉

Gotta goes..

Stay wicked!