Look 305: Come Join My Tribe

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Look 305

Come Join My Tribe

Tribal print cape and suede shorts, Forever 21. Peeptoe brogues, Asianvogue.


Three-o’-five….come join my tribe! I know how to rhyme don’t I?


I was supposed to upload this look yesterday, but then I saw Steph wearing the same shorts as I have. Well, that happened a lot of times….we end up wearing the same stuff. I guess yesterday was no exception. Haha! 

Back to the look, I’ve always wanted to try out a tribal/shabby kind of look. Glad that I found this cape (or cardigan?) at Forever 21 on discount, I immediately grabbed it from the overhead rack and stashed it on my shopping bag. If it weren’t for the highlighted price tag, I wouldn’t end up paying for it. Something about discounts and sales that are quite irresistible. Agree? Haha! :mrgreen:

So whatcha think? Yay or nay? 🙄

The best afternoon light is found on 7th street you guys! 

Letting you see the “cape” cardigan it all it’s goodness and shape. The medium size was just right. Instant fave!

Shoe shots… My peeptoe brogues deserve a spot in here. They matched oh so well with my suede shorts. Speaking of suede shorts, thanks Steph for this suede shorts! Trust me she has a keen eye when it comes to good shopping finds. Lol! 😆


Had fun last night with boyf and company. Although, it didn’t started out well, my mood got better when a plate of fish and chips arrived. I can’t even explain how much I dig spending quality time with boyf. Yeah, we see each other everyday but admit it, dates and nightouts are fun right?! And oh, I forgot to tell you that I wore friggin’ ballet flats on a Friday night. Booooo!!! Hate it, I should’ve brought some cool kicks with me. Will keep that in mind next time I go out. Lol!


Stay wicked!