Look 306: Bubblegum

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Look 306


Ribbed tank top, thrifted. Leather jacket, metallic belt, and green highwaist shorts, Forever 21. Pink booties, Asianvogue.


This could be my most “risky” look ever. Merely looking at it and there’s a ton of descriptive words crossing my stream of thoughts like a giant billboard. Want an example? Here goes: leather-y, metallic, braided, perforated, distressed, textured, ribbed, etc.

Sticking to my “nothing more than 3 colors scheme”. Main colors would have to be brown, green, and bubblegum pink (yeah! title segue again!). You think it’s okay right? Now please say YES! 😕

Photo-heavy post because I feel like it!

In my most whiny self expression. Nuff said! 😡

I’ve forgotten about these booties. A Gallatin knockoff huh?

Another accessory from Binky Pitogo. A fave of mine! It’s a braided necklace of retaso and gold chainlinks. How genius! 😀

Look who grabbed the photographer’s attention while I’m putting on my booties. Awww, it’s a furry teeny tiny puppy! :mrgreen:


What do you think about my LOTD?

Excuse the lack of words on this post, I’m making it up with photos instead! Hehee! :mrgreen:


Stay wicked!