Look 307: Plain Jane

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Look 307

Plain Jane

Black blouse, French Connection. Metallic shorts, PINKaholic. Purple glitter heels,Pill. Accessories, Forever 21.


Another plain look that could use a little oomph. I absolutely have no idea how to improve the blouse and its wearability. It’s too formal don’t you think? Well anyway, I tucked the other half of the blouse so my metallic shorts would be visible. And to add up a color, purple platforms ftw! 😉

Fave fave fave shoes!!! :mrgreen:

Amber says hello!! It’s the first time she looks at the cam.. I wonder where she got that trait. Lol! 😆


Have you heard about the earthquake that struck Negros and Cebu today? It’s e even felt the earthquake even if we’re miles away from there. Saw a few videos on YouTube. Creepy! And hey, the tsunami alert is false! Keep safe everyone!

Just a super duper quick post before I leave! I’m so sorry for the lack of chika today. I have to get home asap to work on my nails and iron my clothes and pay some bills the list goes on… 

Have to go wicked people!


Stay wicked!