Look 31: Awkward

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Look 31.


This is an awkward pose with two awkward photos stitched together.

A dress made by me (with the help of the seamstress of course!). It is a sequined white crumply cloth. Plus, a black band under the bust. Shoes, my patent peeps. Favorite black ring.

I used this dress during a seminar conducted regarding DOLE’s NARS Program wherein I was the so-called emcee.

Ate pizza, lasagna, fries, and uber choco shake/frappe today. Yummy! Now, I am too numb to function, too euphoric to put thoughts into words. Yes, now I know what euphoria means and I admit that it is a good thing.

I bought two back ish magazines. Maybe I could find myself some cool inspirations for my upcoming looks. Hopefully, the weather would cooperate tomorrow so that I could have sunny afternoon photos for Lookbook. Wish me luck.. Got nothing much to say today since I have expressed enough with my previous post. Toodles!  :mrgreen: