Look 312: Bronze Skin

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Look 312

Bronze Skin

Bronze metallic sweater, Forever 21. Silk paperbag shorts, bought in Cebu. USA flag heels, Asianvogue. Furry necklace, PINKaholic.


Sweaters… I’m still wearing them til now even though the summer is just around the corner. Everyone here in Butuan gets away with it. Why? When you are greeted by rainfall all day, you can’t help it. Jackets and sweaters are the thing here! Haha!

I actually wore this one last day I think. I’m making the most out of my sweaters and knits because they will be dumped again once the season changes. Booooo! 😕

I look mad, no?! Another metallic item a.k.a the Wicked Weakness! :mrgreen:

I’m wearing the NYX Matte Lip Cream in Antwerp here. I’m exchanging pinks and peaches now. Will pull off a red pout look soon! I miss red lippies! Heeeee! 😛

I gotta confess. I miss these baby shoesies. It’s been a while. I’m always drawn to the pumps and easy to wear ones so I’d spare myself from the hassle of taking it off after snapping a few shots. I’m unfair!


Saturday night is no different from our Friday Night. Rainy days and bed weather makes me lethargic…sickly almost. The good thing about it is that the boyf couldn’t think of any better idea than to go for a massage! Teehee! What do I do? Close all open browsers and shut down my lappy in a heartbeat! He knows I wouldn’t say no to such offer! Thanks for the treat kweeby! Lol! 😈


Stay wicked!