Look 313: Behind Purple Lights

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Look 313

Behind Purple Lights

White cropped corset, PINKaholic. Kimono cover-up, Dimmy’s. Nude heels, Parisian. Detachable collar, Chikasfashionista.


Back to shooting indoors. Feeling bad about it, really! 😥 Hopefully, it won’t rain tomorrow. I ran out of stock photos already.

When shooting indoors, we always opt for the purple light on the flash. A combination of red and blue gel resulting to none other than purple. Heeee!

This look was the look I submitted for Style Bible’s Blogger Challenge in their trendspotting segment. Maybe this set wasn’t clear enough, good thing I had a back up photo of me wearing the detachable collar way back our PINKaholic shoot. You could read the whole article here. Uh huh! That’s me on page 8! Lol! :mrgreen:

Oh btw, I had my hair retouched today. Hair color freak in me kicking in. Yes to my now brown roots and blonde tips! 

Not feeling well today, so I have to make this post quick. Gotta goes!


Stay wicked!