Look 32: Anterograde Amnesia

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Look 32.

Anterograde Amnesia

(Google the meaning for more info…)  👿

Nothing new. Navy blue tank top, black shiny shorts, yellow heels. Everyday look has always been like this.

So why the title? Anterograde Amnesia? Makes me wanna have one. I am a living wreck in an emotional turmoil. I wish I am numb, like I always used to be.. maybe step it up a notch! I wish I’m dumb, be fooled for my own stupidity, at least I am accountable for it.

I hate emotions! Most often than not, they make me look stupid (not to mention irrational).

Random thoughts.  😥

We love, we hate

We forgive.. to make love last and live

There are times when we want to walk away, yet love holds us back and asks us to stay

Got nowhere to go, where to? No one knows

From ecstatic to static

New discoveries, old fashioned rationales