Look 320: It’s Kami

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Look 320

It’s Kami

Striped sweater and red distressed denim shorts, Forever 21. Kami booties, Gold Dot. Tassle necklace, Bubbles.

A snuggly outfit to wear for a weird weather that’s sunny by morning, rainy at afternoon.

Remember the time when I’ve been talking about not knowing what to wear because the season is very much unpredictable? Well, it’s on repeat now. As much as I’d like to hate it, I can’t. I’m grateful for the short episode of sunshine. That way, we keep our city afloat — not submerged in flood water. Eewie!

You might be fed up with the place where I take my photos but worry not, coz if the sun’s out tomorrow for sure I’d take a risk and grab the chance going outdoors. How I miss those days!

The Happy Face!

This happens when the photographer slash the boyf and I are having a little chitchat in the midst of taking photos. Rarely happens huh?!

Now these are the prettiest comfiest booties on earth!

I’ve blogged about these before during Gold Dot’s Holiday Sale or something like that. I even mentioned Kami as my fave pick. Now, thanks to their Flash Sale I got these kicks at 70% off! Thanks a lot Allypots and Karl!

Here’s photo number 2! One photo ain’t enough. I need to show you ze non-existent heels, gold straps and wooden platforms. Teehee!

I’ll be turning 22 the next day.. Boooo!! There’s no such thing as Forever 21 guys… It’s a lie! Lol!

Stay wicked!