Look 321: In Vogue We Trust

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Look 321

In Vogue We Trust

Vogue t-shirt and blue velvet shorts, PINKaholic. Black suede wedges, Love Jen. 

Old files….. A photo I grabbed from our Sinulog album. I was feeling lazy to process photos today not to mention I still haven’t done my dream outdoor shots because it’s been raining all day. Booooo!! I’ve heard there’s flood in some parts of the city already. Doesn’t surprise me at all. I’m hoping you’re not having bad weather there whichever part of the globe you’re at.. Urrgghhh…

Now about the photo, excuse the pixel-y quality. There’s something about downloading photos in Facebook which turns the quality too bad to even upload it somewhere. Not sure about that though. It’s just a hunch.. *thinking*

Photo taken during my day of our stay in Cebu. Boyf and I had scheduled everything out and that time, he accompanied me to do my stuff. So we went from mall to mall in search for the items I’ve made a mental list of. Unfortunately, no shoes, no brow set from MAC, no cool finds at End of Season sales. However, there’s always something for me waiting at Forever 21. You could very well tell from my January Haul right?! Teehee!

My feet was seriously aching walking around from rack to rack. I just had to remove my shoes and spend a good few minutes barefoot inside the fitting room. Do you have similar experiences?! 🙂

Speaking of Forever 21, I ain’t gonna be 21 tomorrow… (Insert sad face here!) One can’t be forever 21, it’s a big fat lie! Hahaha!!

Have a great week!

Stay wicked!