Look 323: Blush Tones

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Look 323

Blush Tones

Black sheer top and pink overlap trousers, PINKaholic. Snakeprint pointed pumps, Aldo. Accessories, Bubbles. 

Blush Tones — because I’m blushing! Haha! 🙂

Wearing my overlap trousers because I feel like I had to wear something other than shorts.  I have a few trousers but I’m still afraid of wearing them. Something that’s not “skin tight” scares the crap out of me. Whatcha think? Yay or nay?!

It is just now that I discovered my blouse is (sort of) asymmetrical. Baggy looking, no?! Short sleeved on the right and not so much on the left. Basic sheer tops need not be overly basic. Teehee!

Bubbles accessories. I had a few exchange of messages with Tati, the lady behind Bubbles. She’s uber nice! Check out some of their accessories and their albums too. You’ll definitely see some familiar faces there including mine. Haha!

300 greetings on Facebook and Twitter. Meeting friends from around the world; my wall looks like a United Nations conference. Coolio! I’m overwhelmed with “Happy Birthday” posts yesterday and gifts as well! I feel loved! Teehee! My bosses greeted me too. How nice of them! 🙂

Today, boyf and I headed to Dottie’s Place to attend a practice for BDC’s Nursing Night. Seeing students and clinical instructors reminded me so much of my college days. The never ending practice, extension threats, tasks at hand, stuff like that. Oh, the life of a nursing student! Tomorrow’s gonna be fun for sure!

Stay wicked everyone!