Look 325: I’m The DJ’s Date

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Look 325

I’m The DJ’s Date

Slit sleeve top and envelope clutch, PINKaholic. Gold cuff and stud earrings, Forever 21. Gold necklace, Bubbles. Heel less shoes, Vi Shoes. 


What do you wear on an event without looking like you’re overdoing it? A bandage skirt always has the answer. It’s up to the choice of top on how you’re going to give it the extra oomph factor. 

My choice is the slit sleeved top from PINKaholic’s Highway to Love collection. It’s made of sheer, has a simple cut, and it’s plain. Plain tops allow me to excessorize, if you’d consider this as “excessorizing” level. Teehee!

Didn’t bother to put on the shoes properly so the straps are just ‘there’. 😕

Forgive the photo-heavy post. You could see it in my groggy face that I’m happy to be shooting outside at long friggin’ last. Yey!

Heel less shoes are the bomb! Mine’s got some hardwares attached underneath. Pretty much like a Jeffrey Campbell Nighware. I had it customized. Kyooooot! :mrgreen:

I never ever moved a single muscle (note the exaggeration) the moment I had a firm stand here. The cobblestone road is way too dangerous. I don’t wanna be the next “Daphne Guinness at the McQueen funeral tripping on her heel less shoes”. 

MIA yesterday because I accompanied ze boyfriend with his dj-ing stint at Butuan Doctor’s College Nursing Night wearing this look.. Thus, I’m the DJ’s Date! Title segue for the win. Haha! We’re not as busy as you think we are, but we enjoy every bit of chance we get to go out and let loose. And by going out, it’s my chance to play dress up! I’m ze supportive girlfriend you know! :mrgreen:

Stay wicked!