Look 327: Blue Velvet

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Look 327

Blue Velvet

Sequined top and blue velvet shorts, PINKaholic. Wooden (Kami) booties, Gold Dot. Tassel earrings, Bubbles. 

Look of the Day!

Shades of blue has become quite an addiction for me lately. No wait, make that blue and velvet. Took the advantage of pairing it with my sequined top to add a bit of shimmer. I still haven’t gotten over shiny stuff yet. I might soon… As to when, that I do not know. Hmmmm…..

Tassel earrings! 

I think  they look cute. They complimented the shorts well. Heeeee!

If you inspect my shoes closely in every outfit post, you’ll find the flaws. I don’t zip them sometimes. 😕


Dined out tonight! We had barbecue liempo and grilled squid. My fave!! Tropical fruit salad for dessert. Yummy! I was super full that I fell asleep as soon as we got home. That explains why I posted this late! Lol!


Stay wicked!