Look 328: Got My Own Bokeh Wall

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Look 328

Got My Own Bokeh Wall

Chain printed top, PINKaholic. Leather pants, Forever 21. Brown / tortoise wayfarers, Pacific Blue. Black suede wedges, Love Jen. Blue tassel bib necklace, Binkydoodles. 


Look of the Day!

(“Mahangin sa labas” look!) 

Miss wearing these pants that I have to wear them again!! To lessen the icky feeling the scorching afternoon heat brings, I wore this chain printed top that’s light enough to pass as a handkerchief. It’s lightweight/silky, literally. What I like about it is that it’s opaque, not in-your-face “see through”. Haha! 😆


Bought this pair of cheap sunnies. Wish they had black, the brown shade I’m seeing everytime I wear them hurts my eyes. Booo! 😕

Seen my necklace?  I told you Ive been obssessing about blue lately. Haha! Wearing NYX lippies in Chaos. It’s been a while since I had red kissers!

I’m head over heels in love with the bokeh behind me. The leaves which are partly orange because they’re wilted and green made cute dots behind me. Amazing backdrop. If it weren’t for the vehicles, it would’ve been ‘the’ best!


Will be pigging out later with none other than Steph. I’m craving for food nonstop. Hope that helps coz I really really really want to gain weight. Teehee! And since we both love food, going out to get something to eat isn’t a question. Lol! I wonder where we’ll end up later. With limited option of restos around the city, it is quite hard to choose. Don’t know why! Haha! 


Til next post!

Stay wicked!