Look 33: High Heels and Highways

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Look 33

High heels and Highways.

Oversized shirt. Sheer skirt. Stilettos. Geeky glasses.  😯

I swear I’ve been staring at this monitor for hours with it saying “Add New Post”. Got nothing to blab about today, but at least I am now okay. This photo was extremely memorable for me. As the night looks so perfectly fine with this photo, weird things happen. Down poured the heavy rain. Next thing we knew is that we’re soaked and cold. This is a bridge under construction, we have to pass by big machines and narrow ways just to get through the other side. One small false step and you will surely be dropped to the wide river underneath. So that’s the story.

As random as my thoughts at this moment goes, I can share with you another “to do thing”. I should really learn how to walk in heels. Yesterday, as I am wearing my favorite pair of wooden wedges, I almost tripped. What’s more embarassing was that it happened in front of bystanders loitering near our house. That incident didn’t stop me from walking in wedges, I wore my yellow strappy wedges of about 3 inches in heel height. It is much more comfortable that the latter. Good thing nothing bad happened.  I guess that’s all. I have to eat a bunch of Quake Cakes I bought just now!  😈