Look 330: Afternoon Kisses

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Look 330

Afternoon Kisses

Striped top and yellow highwaist shorts, PINKaholic. Braided belt, Folded and Hung. Brown platforms, Love Jen. Bangles, Bubbles. 


Look of the Day! 

Now this is what I’m really wearing today. I’ve included it in my set of looks to be photographed just for the heck of it. I’m 35 looks away from my goal! How cool does that sound? Now if only the weather is kind enough to get me through my last few looks, then it will be a hassle-free and fun experience for the rest of the stretch. :mrgreen:

Enough about that. Lezz chat about ‘the’ look. It’s my daily uniform. Yes, I wear these kinds of stuff on a daily basis. Shirt, shorts, and flats or a pair of slippers. 🙄

See how cool the weather is today? Mahangin sa labas effect again! 😆

Photo heavy post today. I’m loving the soft hues the afternoon light brings.. 😉

The choice of kicks is considered as one of my stressors before the look is complete. I’m having a hard time choosing what goes with what. Sometimes, I feel compelled that it has to be one of those high-stacked pairs. I end up forgetting the short-heeled ones. It sounds a bit bias but it’s the truth. Tsk! 😕


I can already smell the scent of summer lurking around the corner! Yay! Now we have an excuse to wear our extra bright clothes and mix them. Color block? Hell yes! Don’t know about you guys but I don’t think color-blocking will be out from my “list” anytime soon. What do you think?


Stay wicked!