Look 331: Leather Cross

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Look 331

Leather Cross

Inverted cross shirt, DIY by Steph. Acid wash leggings, Chikasfashionista. Harness boots, HeelandSole. Accessories, Forever 21.


Couldn’t think of anything to put on as title. Grrrrr!!! Another photo heavy post for you guys, so now I say to you — proceed at your own risk. Lol!


When the sun is out and shining, don’t we just love wearing thin, bare pieces that feels airy and light?! I’m getting drawn into wearing muscle tees lately. Instant edgy effect with the little peek-a-boo on the sleeves. 😉

Now if I could just wear these out with matching I don’t give a damn attitude, then that would be oh-some!

What’s not to love about DIY tops?! Thanks Steph! You could buy one too if you want a customized cross shirt… Hit me a buzz and I’ll PM you the deets! 😉

I miss our darling little Amber messing up behind me and basically sticking her butt out in photos. She’s more than happy to join us every time. Teehee! :mrgreen:


Writing this blog post whilst listening to Turbo Goth’s new song Venus Flytrap. It’s my kind of tune. How about you?!

Heading out for another Soulful House gig. I miss going out on Thursdays. It’s boyf’s dj-ing stint again… Good thing Steph is there to keep me company…



Stay wicked!