Look 332: Americana

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Look 332


Gray cut-out fringe top, accessories and suede booties, Forever 21. Flag shorts, PINKaholic.


Inspired by the summer season since yesterday..

So here’s the thing, I’ve been wanting to put up a look inspired by bloggers that have an All Am vibe. First person that comes to my mind is Amber Saylor. I’m in love with her (aside from Lina Tesch of course)! She could go from grunge-y to edgy to girly in a heartbeat. Such impeccable style huh?! ;-) 

A skinny bod and a mile-long legs would be perfect for such looks. I guess I’m asking for too much. It’s impossible! I’ll keep dreaming then.. Lol! :mrgreen:

I pretty much explained everything didn’t I?! 

Been dying to try the walking effect pose. Errr… Can I just say epic fail?! How come other people look so effortlessly cool in their very own poses? You should have seen the outtakes on this set. It’s…nevermind!

This top that I almost missed out hanging from F21’s rack. Laveeeeet! My usually out of focus eye worked for a mere 2-second accuracy.

Our dearest Amber. I have to pet her so she would go somewhere else after. Had I not done that then she’ll be by my side the whole time. Just look at her face… Kyooooot! :mrgreen:


I’m planning on creating another account on Lookbook once my 365 is complete. Will you still fan me?! :roll: 

Anyhooo, my mind’s on tabula rasa mode today.. Couldn’t think of something to share with you guys.. Boooo! 


Stay wicked!