Look 333: Something Old and Something Gold

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Look 333

Something Old and Something Gold

Metallic loose tank top and cuff, Forever 21. Leather shorts and feather necklace, PINKaholic SDY. Black suede wedges, Love Jen. Cateye sunnies, Myshop IHeart.


Well well well…

Lookie lookie, it’s an old set of photos! Taken way back when I had virgin hair and 50mm lens was our best friend. Teehee!

I totally forgot about this. I had this crazy idea of saving up photos for the rainy days. Yes, literally. An unpredictable weather calls for extreme measures at times. So here’s the reason why I ended up having these photos and completely forgot about them until last night.. Oopsie! :mrgreen:

Virgin hair, cateye sunglasses, minimal make up/accessories. Just a few of my observations that tell me I have changed. Well, not as a person but in my sense of ‘taste’. Get it?! 😕

Something gold indeed — a fave loose tank top never fails to keep me comfy amidst the scorching heat! I wouldn’t mind wearing tank tops for days (months even) just long as you could promise me a sunny summer weather for the rest of the year. You know how much I love my hubadera clothes and looks! Haha! Okay, pun intended! 🙄


You might be wondering why the super early post?! Out and about for a roadtrip with Steph today. You might catch us up strolling in CDO later.. Say HI okay?! Lol! 😉


Stay wicked lovelies!