Look 334: The Texture Twist

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Look 334

The Texture Twist

Yarn top and acid wash denim shorts, PINKaholic. Taupe booties, Asianvogue. Accessories, Bubbles.


I might have worn all the crazy textures possible with this outfit and I know it’s cuh-razy to do that. The only signs I look out for is to make sure they look cohesive as a whole. 😕

Yarn + denim + suede = texture jungle!

I shot this one today. Another last minute cry before the sun starts setting.

This came out as another impromptu look. Took out what’s available in my stack of clothes left at boyf’s place and wore them hoping that in the end the photos not to mention the whole look wouldn’t turn up in a big ole mess. Best in cramming lang ang peg! 🙄

I should have worn some undershirt but it doesn’t hurt that much to see some skin right? Thank goodness for nude brassieres! Haha!

Spot the not so hidden Amber. I kinda like this photo..


 If you may remember, I went out on a trip with Steph to Cagayan de Oro. Food was heavenly. A dimsum-y lunch at Gloria Maris, sippin’ on milk tea, and dinner by the sea at Talisayan. 

Despite the grueling 4-hour ride going there and then back, it was fun fun fun! Now y’all know what we do when everytime we go out some place else right?! Yes, it’s none other than shopping (coz we wore ballet flats that day) and kaartehan galore! Quite literally, we ended up buying the same stuff.I’ve read in an article somewhere that it’s called the BFF effect. Choz! I wasn’t aware about it til I came across that article. That made us think that maybe that’s the reason why we end up wearing same outfit on some days. We’re like hooookay! Hahaha! :mrgreen:

Clothes, a pair of shoes, cosmetics/toiletries that can’t be found here in Butuan, magazines, and a bag of grocery (I bought a lotta Pastels.. Heee!). That’s about it! And since you tweeted me to do it, I’ll do my shopping haul very soon! That is, if my lazy bones will force me to take pictures all the necessary stuff needed to be done.


Late blog post because of the damn brownout that occurred for the rest of the night. Yes, now I’m cramming!

Stay wicked!