Look 335: The X Factor

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Look 335

The X Factor

XX chiffon top, PINKaholic SDY. Snakeskin pants, Topshop. Patent peeptoe heels, SM Parisian. Necklace, Forever 21.


Posting twice today?! Urgghhh!!! I can’t effin’ believe it!

So I’m wearing my favorite pair of pants for the second time. Yay! With its color, I could pair any solid or bright colored tops. Thus, this pink top is included on that imaginary list.

Despite its not so comfy and uberly stiff fit, I’d still wear them out.

Metallic + print = Lalaloooove!

Teehee! 😈

I’m desperately wanting to master this certain walking effect pose. It is quite versatile since it let’s you see the side of the shoes (that’s important!) and it creates and illusion of longer legs too. A far-fetched assumption but I think it works. Haha!

What do you think? 🙄

Just a quick post today before I head out and enjoy the rest of the day offline… Will just post this look tomorrow on Lookbook. I’m trying to recover from an almost major backlog brought about by the damn brownout and unstable (no, wait.. it’s NO..) NO internet connection. Yeah, you get my drift.. Hmmm….



Stay wicked!