Look 336: Blues and Browns

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Look 366

Blues and Browns

Blue ruffled top, Topshop. Brown suede shorts and accessories, Forever 21. Vest, Dimmy’s. Animal print booties, Asianvogue.


Look of the Day!

A total mismatch but it doesn’t bother me that much. When they say fashion knows no rules, I believe it. I think it is based on one’s taste, like it or hate it. It isn’t imposed nor forced. What works for me may not work  for you, vice versa.

Now about the look, I wanted to wear the shorts Steph bought for me when she had a quick trip to Cebu. I like it a helluva lot! Thing is, I’m having a really hard time finding what goes best with it. 🙄

Adding a pop of color makes it interesting…

I included a bit of sumfin’ sumfin’ with my choice of accessories. A subtle hint of tribal-ish earrings, bangles and knuckle ring to complete the look. Another thing I realized, I need a truckload of accessories. NOW! 😈

Here’s Ambeeeeer again! :mrgreen:


It’s Tuesday. Another week. Time is ticking way too fast don’t you think?! What are you guys up to?! Yesterday was R&R time so now I’m back to my not-so-industrious uber-lazy self. Midweek stress is starting to get the best of me.. Been wanting to get loads of sleep.. CAN’T! 😡

I think I did nothing but browse online shops and shoe-shopping sites the whole afternoon. I warn you, it is the best punishment…..ever! When you’re broke and you browse Solestruck, Gold Dot, DAS, or even Asianvogue itself, the shoes can get a little extra cute!! Meh!

Stay wicked!