Look 337: Black to Black

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Look 337

Black to Black

Muscle tee, Topshop. Leather pants and accessories, Forever 21. Red platform heels, Centropelle. 

Holla everyone! Look 337 now.. Woot woot!!  😈

This is what I’m really wearing today. Yay! Yes, I’m feeling edgy so I opted to wear black on black (on red?!). Haven’t tried it before I believe. Aaaand, I thought it would be great to pair it with my birthday wish red shoes.

Wearing muscle tees have become my thing lately. It’s my summer staple and I see myself wearing stuff like this often.

Want one? Simply grab your old oversized shirt and a pair of scissors then cut the sleeves away!! 😉

Painted my kissers red just because…..

I love my shirt to bits and excuse my lion-ish hair! (Lion King lang ang peg!) 😈

Shoe shot!

Note the high-stacked heels. Although I wish the platform on the front part of the shoe was a tad bit higher, but these would do. 😉 I can’t deny it, I love the feeling I get when I buy new shoes… Heeee!

Birthday wish -> chunky red heels….. Check!


Went out today to attend my friend’s Thanksgiving/Despidida party. A double celebration since he just passed the recent nursing licensure exam and then he’s leaving for Dubai. That’s the story! Sooooo, I wore this look out and it dint bother me that much. I don’t care if my sleeves are holey and my bra’s peeking out. Lol! Anyhooo, there was lots of fooooood. It was fun seeing familiar faces there. A meet up with high school and college friends ensures you with endless topics, lots of laughs, and long talks.


Cuh-razy day today… Now I’m ready to doze off any minute.. You know what happens to me when I’m busog. Urrgghhh! 

Stay wicked!