Look 34: Cut the Crop!

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Look 34.

Cut the Crop!

Wearing crop top from Pinkaholic. Denim skirt. Woven tawny belt. My favorite wooden wedges from Chelsea.

Casual look as always and early post on Mondays.

Took this photo last night for 365’s sake. While I was busy with changing clothes, apparently Lookbook has flagged my last look as inappropriate due to multiple persons. I have complained about the case and though they have opted to reconsider, it was too late since I have reposted my look for the second time. I lost 40+ hypes and a heart.  😥 But I got even with the other famous user, she has posted same look twice, now that’s a clear violation! It was deleted now..and I’m wickedly happy! Nothing personal, rules ARE rules!  😈

Let’s just hope this won’t happen again!  As what LB mods had said, let us post by example and follow the guidelines. I sure am! 😈