Look 341: Hazy Daze

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Look 341

Hazy Daze

Leopard print blazer and highwaist denim shorts, PINKaholic. Black tank top, purple skinny belt, and layered necklace, Forever 21. Bangles, Bubbles. Brown peeptoe brogues, Asianvogue.


I’ve labeled everything I’m wearing. Whatta list.. Whew!

Now on to my LOTD, if I were in a real working environment without that much restrictions when it comes to dress codes, this would be my outfitey! It adds a hint of formality (if that’s how you call it) to a rather casual look. 

Don’t ba afraid of blazers, treat them as your best friend. Trust me, I’ve already regret the times I ignored them. Never really appreciated their value until I ran out of cutie patootie tops.. Isn’t it cool how they could easily change the whole look just by putting them on?! 😉

At my eewie-est effort to smile. Couldn’t get any worse! 😕

Padded blazers for that “power shoulders” effect! Choz!

*I love ze bokeh*

Shoe shot.

I miss posting photos of shooooes.. Will definitely post one once I find sharp photos in my stack!



I love surprises! Yesterday, a reader sent me an e-mail. She has problems finding out ways to style her new blazers for work. Hmmm… We ended up chatting about what works best with her nude and gray blazers. I do hope I was able to help her out let alone I’m not good at the “mix and match” game too! Thanks again for the e-mail Izai! 😉

Early post today. Happy Sunday!


Stay wicked!