Look 347: Got So Sick

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Look 347

Got So Sick

Mint green/pastel blue top and white blazer, WAGW. Black sequined shorts, PINKaholic. Face wedges, HeelandSole. Accessories, Forever 21.


Look of the Day!

I can’t begin to tell you how versatile blazers are. It totally helps making the look more polished and put together. Maybe it’s not too late to begin collecting other colors, yes?! 😉

Would’ve looked too casual without the blazer. Now, I look like a doctor on duty. I kid. I kid.

There you go.. Half of my photo pile comprises of real outtakes. Forever fixing my hair and it ain’t nice! 👿

P.S. We still wish our place was cemented like this. (keep dreaming!) 🙄

Shoes — Is it me or am I wearing too much pairs from HeelandSole?! Anyways, I still love my babies. Plus, Kariza (the seller) has become a good friend of mine. Teehee!


About the title, yes, I’m super duper to the nth power sick today. I knew I was not okay when I woke up early in the morning (around 10AM) and finding it hard to drag my butt off to take a quick shower and prepare for work. So what did I do?! Dint take lunch and curled up in bed for a few more hours. Around 2PM, went to work and basically finding myself sleeping from 5 in the aftee til 8PM. I hate myself right now. Blame that to boyf and I’s drinking spree last night. I ate a lot and drank a lot too. Dang, I just had to spare you the gross “hangover” deets. Haha! :mrgreen:

Anyhooo, March seems to be shoe-shopping month for me. Another pretty pair arrived at my house courtesy of Genealogy Fashion House. It’s still mid-month and I don’t think I have plans on stopping…..yet! Shoe ban on April and that’s final! Booooooo!!!

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Stay wicked!