Look 348: Bath, Bubbles, Booze and Tunes

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Look 348

Bath, Bubbles, Booze and Tunes

Top and blue shorts, PINKaholic. Heel less shoes, Vishoes. Specs, Ray Ban. 


Howdy wicked people!

Bath, Bubbles, Booze and Tunes – just some random words I’ve stringed together that would sum all that’s running in my mind. I finally got better after  popping Paracetamol, cold meds and Naproxen sodium last night. I’ve grown dependent on OTC drugs for minor symptoms and such. 🙄


Soooooo, a quick outfit post today. My real LOTD! Yep, I wore something easy and comfy because I was having a silent debate with myself whether to wear something thick for the chilly windy day or opt for my usual casual pegs. 

A solid pop of color and all the subleties make up for today’s look. 

What I love about collared tops is that they never make your look boring. It’s always fun to play with the collar, sleeves and print. You can choose to button it all the way up, tuck it in, roll up the sleeves (for longsleeves), use it as a cover up for tank tops — See? The possibilities are endless! Lol! :mrgreen:

Why not amp the look up with ze ‘heel less shoes with hardwares underneath’?! I was thinking about pairing my look with a mary jane-esque shoes but since I dint have any, I decided to bring my heel less babies out! 

Notice the hardwares? Badass! 😈


Cramming time now.. Told you this post is quick and short. Haha! 

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Stay wicked!