Look 349: Sunrise Comes Too Soon

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Look 349

Sunrise Comes Too Soon

Floral sequined top and spike necklace, Forever 21. Brown leather shorts, WAGW. Wooden clogs, LYFH. 


Lazy Monday everyone!

Comfortable dressing is one of my favorite pegs.. And so I bring to you, a loose top and a pair of equally loose shorts. It doesn’t get any ‘comfier’ than this.. Haha! :mrgreen:

 Had to shoot (sort of) indoors due to the fact that it’s still sweater weather ’round here. Gaaaah, I miss sunshine! I don’t know if that’s a cool thing or not but it doesn’t seem like it.

Excuse my not so hidden slippers in the BG. Yeah, that’s how I do it. Lol! 😆

Sunrise Comes Too Soon – The song keeps playing on my mind as if on loop.


Gotta goes dearies.. Going out to grab a bite with Steph! We’re friggin’ hungry!!!! 


Stay wicked!