Look 350: We Are All Made of Stars

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Look 350

We Are All Made of Stars

Cutout top and khaki shorts, PINKaholic. Purple suede pumps, thrifted. Purple skinny belt and accessories, Forever 21.


Lookie lookie! This is what I’m wearing today. Teehee! :mrgreen:

It’s weird why it always felt like I’m channeling a school girl vibe each and every time I wear these khaki shorts. Is it because they look like an elementary school boy’s uniform or I feel compelled to pair this with rather appropriate-looking tops? But yeah, just saying.. 🙄

An old pair of pumps. Bought them for PHP150 or so way back when street-side ukay ukay was at its peak here in Butuan!

All the little details — cutouts, the bow pendant, scallops on my shorts, etc.

P.S. I wasn’t sure about cropping my photos like this. I’ve read a comment on my Pinterest that it looked like I have a hairy right arm. Gave me a good laugh but it also made me not want to do such ‘cropped’ shot again. Lol! 😆

Here’s Amber! She’s too giddy to join our mini-shoot today. Mind you, she gets mad when we tend to go shoot without her. Kyoooot! :mrgreen:


Heaps of things happened today. First, I (sort of) witnessed a vehicular accident happened near our house. Well, not really ‘witnessed’, more like aftermath of the accident. I saw a lady laying on the curb, blood oozing out of her head, eyes not blinking, and basically both the drivers dint really gave a damn until the onlookers urged one of them to bring her to the nearest hospital. Yes, because the tricycle (public mode of transportation here) driver was concerned more of his toppled over vehicle and broken windshield than his very own “pasahero“. Urrggghhh! 👿 It made me realize, accidents do happen. Morever, shit does happen out of what you consider normal, ordinary, and routine stuff you do everyday. So better be careful!

My blog turns 1 this month! Yay! Happy Birthday TWY!

I’m cooking up something…maybe another blog giveaway?!


Stay wicked!