Look 354: Geek Charm

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Look 354

Geek Charm


If only one can be cool when going to school… I know I’m not during my ‘schoolgirl’ days! :mrgreen:

I miss wearing this top so I know I had to take it out again and pair it with my scallop shorts! Found this one at the bottom of my ‘shorts’ pile. It reminded me of how I set up the alarm for the day of the upload just so I could reserve this pair of shorts as well as the other one which comes in black. Yes, I also have this one in black. I tend to buy the same thing in all colors. Like what I did recently, I ordered shirts. Same shirt, same size, bought all designs. Grrrrr…. Where’s the logic in that?! No matter how I tried to change my ways, I’m still dealing with the same issue everytime. You feelin’ me?! Lol! :mrgreen:

Spectacles – instant ‘geek effect’, no?! 😯

The cute pearly crochet collar is too cute to not notice. 😕

I wear rings too you know! And stacked bangles! Lol!


Went on a roadtrip with boyf today. Decided to go around the city (Butuan) to hopefully find a good spot to shoot looks. We were unsure about it because the everything was unpredictable including the weather. The only thing we needed was a hint of sunlight and that’s about it! Sooooo, I was feeling a little brave (because I had no choice) to pose in the middle of a diversion road. Yes, with an emphasis on the word diversion because vehicles passing by the said road are trucks, trucks, and oh, speeding trucks! 👿 It’s scary….when you’re standing there wearing your high-heeled booties, knees shaking, and crossing your fingers that nothing passes by in the next 5 minutes. I wouldn’t know how to react (or run) when a fast-paced vehicle would head towards us. Haha! But we’re safe.. Didn’t even bother to change into another outfit simply because it’s way too dangerous. Second time that I showed ‘bravery’ was when I was posing behind a cow at Estacio Village. Uh huh! A friggin’ skinny cow that is.. Can’t wait to post pictures soon.. Haha! 😈


Stay wicked!