Look 356: When All Else Fails

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Look 356

When All Else Fails

White tank top, Urban Behavior. Shiny jacket, FashionSpot Shoppe. Silver accessories, animal print shorts, and gray booties, Forever 21. Specs, Ray Ban.


Quick post for today’s look!

It’s apparent how I rarely include colors in my outfit. I’m always….always in black, white or one solid color. Prints and other similar stuff? Not so much!

So if I were to go in a music concert, this would be my ‘go to’ peg. Heeeee! :mrgreen:

What do you think about the colors’ hue?! Enjoyed editing these last night.. 😀

Slept at 5AM today. What were we supposed to do when my blog’s down, PINKaholic’s new website is down, and we have a sheduled movie to watch?! Staying up late at it’s finest! I did enjoy The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.. Now, I feel like a zombie having less than 5 hours of sleep.. Better get me some much needed zzzZZZzzz tonight!


Stay wicked!