Look 361: In the Nick of Time

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Look 361

In the Nick of Time

White buttondown top, PINKaholic. Pink velvet shorts, StyleHub. Cassandra peeptoe booties, Gold Dot. Assorted accessories. 


In the Nick of Time — True. The clothes and shoes arrived just when I have nothing else to wear. 3 packages arrived, I’ve been waiting for them since last week. No new purchases as of now; have to save up for my future trip. Lol! 😆

So this is what I’m wearing today…. Another long forgotten top that’s been hiding alongside my cardigans and blazers. I still pushed through wearing this buttondown despite the sweaty weather.  It’s made up of cotton so it’s ‘breathable’ and I’m thankful I can roll the sleeves up whenever I want to. 😉

 Didn’t really care if my shoes matched with the look or not, I just had to wear them…ASAP! 

Forgive the haggard face. We took shots at 3PM in the afternoon, the sun was buh-lazing hot!!!

There’s an air of excitement whenever I’m expecting a new pair of shoes to arrive. I want you to meet Cassandra, the astonishingly comfy shoes from Gold Dot. I didn’t think they were cute at first, but when I saw Steph trying to fit it at one of GD’s outlets in Cagayan de Oro I know I just had to get them! We immediately texted Ally if they were available. I got lucky, my size was on sale!! See? I told you I believe in the thing called “destiny” when it comes to S-H-O-E-S! Do you?! 🙄


Might be out of the interwebs early tonight. Will be going out with ze boyfriend and his friends.. We rarely head out on Saturday nights so excuse my excuse okay?! Lol! :mrgreen:


Stay wicked!