Look 362: Light as a Feather, Heavy as the Weather

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Look 362

Light as a Feather, Heavy as the Weather

Inverted cross leather top, DIY by Steph. Green highwaist denims and silver cuffs, Forever 21. Harness boots, HeelandSole. Stay up stockings.


Look 3-6-2!

I’ts April Fools Day! How’s everyone’s weekend?! 

The weather is playing tricks on us! Yesterday was a ‘desert’ but today’s another story.. Quick weather changes are taking its toll on me honestly. 🙄

Light as a Feather, Heavy as the Weather — It’s a song by Norah Jones. Hmmm… It’s the perfect way to describe how I’m feeling. Half of it is because of the weather, the other half goes to ambivalent feelings I’m having because of the changes I’ll be facing once my project is done. I’m sparing you the nitty gritty details. It ain’t easy of course, I’ll still be posting looks but not that often though.. I can’t seem to stop from blogging, especially about clothes and shoes. You could still expect blog posts from me, that I’m sure! 

Now for my LOTD, I was able to change my usual take on dressing up by adding a pair of stay up stockings. I’m so used to wearing hosiery as it is part of my uniform when I was in college. Uh huh, one of my nursing student pet peeves. We were required to wear the pantyhose thingy. However, being stubborn against rules, I opted to wear stay ups. I find stockings itchy. How about you?! 😕

This post is dedicated to Amber. You see her in almost ALL of the photos.. I guess she’s as stubborn as me. Lol! :mrgreen:

Keep scrollin’!

See?! She’s in ALL the photos! Kyooooooot! Hahaha!! :mrgreen:


Stay wicked!