Look 364: Marbled

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Look 364


Hello 3-6-4! 😈

I got a marbled color playsuit/romper. Purple being the dominant color, it also has pink and yellow in it. Love love love purple!

I never really had the courage to wear it because it has a deep-V neckline. So here goes nothing! 😕

Can’t help but say that I love the lighting. Don’t have any clue where boyfie takes inspirations or ideas from.. We started out with this night photography/night strobing thing way before the 365 looks project started. It’s our (kinda) first love. 😉

Anyway, I ran out of outdoor photos today. Might have to deal with these… Oopsie! 🙄

Showing off my shoes and basically experimenting with poses. You know how particular the photographer deals with that.. I’m trying!!! :mrgreen:

Here’s the set up! You could still see the umbrella.. Lol!


Suffering from a great deal of narcolepsy today. I’m overly sleepy for some reason I can’t explain. I’ve had enough hours of sleep but it’s still not doing any well..

Anyhooooo, went for a short trip at a nearby salon today. I don’t know what food boyf ate but out of nowhere he treated me on what appears to be our “spa day”. Mani, pedi, footspa… Happy me! :mrgreen: Now I’m drowsy again, I might ask him to go out for another massage spree.. Teehee!


Stay wicked!