Look 38: Aquamarine

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Look 38


Can you believe it? I’ve reached the 38th day of posting looks on a daily basis.

Aquamarine assymetric cutout dress, 2hand. Killer heels, SM. I’ve named this look Aquamarine because of two purposes. One, because of the color. Two, the wave-like details of the dress resembled like a mermaid’s tail or scales. If you’ve seen the movie (Aquamarine) then you’d know what I mean.  😈

This dress was a hand me down given by my aunt. I have gotten a lot of clothes from her especially skirts and beachwear. Thinking of posting this look a little earlier than usual. You never know what could go wrong with publishing/uploading and stuff like that.

Boring day today btw, it’s uber humid and it isn’t because of the summer-ish weather but due to the heat build up before heavy rain pours. Switching to the anti-social mode, ever get a pissed off feeling when all you see in the internet especially on Facebook are the posts of self-absorbed people? Girls and even boys are just too busy posting about their current relationships and statuses to think about what’s happening around the world. Information, current events, new learnings, do people care about these much more important things than their egocentric thoughts?